Families unable to access Centre-based Day Care (CDC), Family Day Care (FDC) and Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) due to their unique circumstances may be able to access subsidised education and care provided in the family home through IHC.

How much does IHC cost?

Families that are approved to access IHC must be CCS approved. The fee for care is calculated at an hourly rate determined by the Educator and Service provider prior to commencement of service.

What subsidy will I receive for In Home Care?

The Child Care Subsidy for In Home Care will be based on a family hourly rate cap of $37.34 per hour. The percentage of the subsidy to which the family is entitled will be based on the family’s combined adjusted taxable income, and will be up to 90 per cent of the actual fee charged or 90 per cent of the family hourly rate cap, whichever is lower. Families are required to pay the remainder of the fee. Additional fee assistance will be available through the Additional Child Care Subsidy up to a family hourly rate of $44.81 for families that are genuinely disadvantaged. Where exceptional circumstances apply, a family may be eligible for the full cost of care to be subsidised.

What if I don’t reside in the ACT?

If you live outside of the ACT, you will need to contact the NSW IHC Support Agency info@ihcsupportagency.org.au or 1800 442 273.

Will I be able to access In Home Care if my child accesses the NDIS?

Children accessing NDIS supports may still be suitable for IHC. IHC is an alternate early education care which is subsidised by the government. NDIS will not cover any costs associated with IHC. Educators working in the home are required to have early childhood education qualifications.

Up to what age can I access In Home Care?

0-12, however exemptions can be made upon application due to complex and challenging circumstances.

How long can I access In Home Care for?

In Home Care is a transitional care type and your suitability will be reviewed quarterly. You will only be transitioned out of the In Home Care Service once you are able to access an appropriate mainstream childcare service.

How do I become an Educator?

Please contact our providers, we look forward to hearing from you. More information about becoming an Educator and Educator requirements and qualifications can be found at ACECQA: https://www.acecqa.gov.au/qualification-requirements